International Students

Nowadays to learn a foreign language is imprescindible for students that want to live and work in a globalworld.

Our Learning Center

Our greek learning center helps students develop their multilingual communicative skills to help them flourish in the international market.

Experiential Learning

We learn from experience! Let’s experience everything that Cyprus has to offer together!

Morning & Evening Courses

With our Flexible timing your thirst for knowledge will not be hampered by your busy schedule.

Whatv Our Students Say

“So easy to learn, to understand! You feel like you want to be there with her all day long, every day. The best teacher.”

Tina Filippou

“The best teacher ever. Lessons always interesting. I love time with Anastasia. If you thinking to learn Greek language and love it – it’s the best place.”

Анна Аниситта

“The best teacher. I really enjoyed you lessons and I had a great time.”

Raya Stoimenova

“Anastasia, you are really the best teacher. Thanks to you, we are all not only learning the Greek language, but also get familiar with the culture, nature and beauty of Cyprus. Having a What’s Up group in Greek, a year ago could only be a dream. Thank you so much. ” Marina Goldenberg